Thursday, February 17, 2011

A February (snow)Fall

I drove home from the Mt Timpanogos Temple last night in a BLIZZARD!
There was a semi jack-knifed at the point of the mountain with a SUV that had crashed into it. It was blocking 3 lanes of traffic so all cars had to get into the HOV lane to get around it. The snow was coming down so fast and furious that there were times the only way I could know I was still on the freeway was the white lines on the road. It was a white knuckler all the way.
I met up with my sisters Karla, Kris and Karen as well as Gary and Newt. It was an appropriate place to meet on the eve of our parents wedding anniversary.


olivia said...

oooh i do not miss those white-knuckle i-15 drives.

i do kind of miss the snow scenes like your pics though!

Ann said...

I agree with Olivia. I love snow but I don't like driving in it (unless it's doing donuts in the parking lot).