Tuesday, November 13, 2007

21.5% FAT!

Yup. That's me. Over 1/5th of my body is blubber! They measured me. 166 pounds, 6ft1in and 37 pounds of fat. When David at Y Be Fit told me I said, "that's depressing" and he said, "you're good compared to most people". I don't want to be compared to "most people". So I'm going to get into shape! Lower my fat to body ratio, lower my bad cholesterol and triglycerides. I'll keep you posted.


Ann said...

Good for you dad! What are your plans?

Katy said...

What is a good ratio to be?

Anonymous said...

I remember once measuring my body fat at the gym. It was one of those new calapers--electronic--I held it with both hands and it caluculated body fat based on electrolytes or somethig like that.

I came up with Zero. They guy adminstering it said--"you have no fat!".

Hmmm. I looked at him, glanced down to my stomach.
"Or", he said, "you have drunken a lot of water--that will throw this off too."

Drink a lot of water Kurt--it throws off the fat.


Kurt Knudsen said...

a fairly healthy ratio is 7-14% for men and 20-21% for women.
To measure me they put me in a space pod looking device,dressed only in biker shorts, shut the door and then I heard a pop and a sucking noise. Then they repeated the process again just to make sure.

Jordan said...

Are you sure they weren't just trying to "beam you up", Scotty?

Hey what's a good ratio for pregnant women?

Katy said...

Pregnant women are above statistics, Jordan. Eat what you want and when you want it.