Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Note the color coordinated chandelier and sneakers
Things I like about Jacob:
His quiet, but sincere laugh.
His curly hair.
His sense of adventure.
His sensitivity to others.
His sensitivity to the spirit.
His sensitivity to design, art, beauty.
His loyalty.
His gorgeous wife.
His ratty suitcases on his mission didn't have wheels and
he had to carry them for miles in the Guatemalan heat and
he didn't ever complain.
His cool furniture designs.
His love.
Happy birthday number one son!
I love you lots!
(number one son is a really big deal in Korea)


Rebecca said...

I love Jacob!

Katy said...

He's Mmmm, mmmmm, good.

Jordan said...

I like that laugh, too.

JBK said...

I always try to match the lighting! Thanks Dad!