Friday, February 18, 2011

Model Temple

 We went to the Temple Square Visitor's Center today to see the Salt Lake Temple model.
 A cutaway view of the Garden Room below and the Celestial Room above

 The Baptismal Font sitting on 12 oxen

 This depicts the top floor of the temple. When I was a young missionary preparing to go to the Tongan Islands, all the missionaries in the Missionary Training Center met with President Harold B. Lee, the prophet, iin this room, where he spoke to us and answered our questions.

 Detail on the exterior of the temple model.

 One of the doorknobs from the Salt Lake Temple.

 A table that used to be in the temple.
 A chair that was part of the temple furnishings

 Truman O. Angel, the Salt Lake Temple Architect

 A replica of Truman O. Angel's desk

 A wax figure of President Brigham Young, who saw in vision where the temple should be built
 An amazing example of a hand-carved chair that was part of the temple furnishings

 A smaller version of the statue of Angel Moroni that is on the spire of the temple
Photograph of the actual temple taken from the visitor's center, next to the model of the temple

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