Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lion in Winter

 Rebecca has been helping Bobette and Glendon the past few weeks. Here are some photos of their beautiful home. Above, Rebecca in their kitchen with her rug of Gramma Lou on the wall.

 Oil painting in Glendon's study

 Portrait of Glendon as a young man by Ghouri Hanov Rinov, 1949

 Four foot painting also by Rinov circa 1955

 Photo of Bobette during her modeling career

 Plaque by yours truly

 Detail of Beehive chest of drawers

 Oil painting by LeConte Stewart

 Sandstone Lion flanking their drive

 Checkerboard tiles in the garage.

 An embroidered horse that their son Shad made when he was in grade school.

 A Mexican carving.

One of Glendon's saddles

 Downstairs fireplace

 Indian art and a painting by Gray Bartlett

 Bronze by Edward Fraughton

 Spur and other Western mementoes

 Beehive plaque on the patio

 Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood by Trevor Southey

 Living room.

 Rug by Rebecca Knudsen

Beehive chest by Verner


olivia said...

it's like a museum in there! thanks for the peek. it was fun to recognize those paintings of shad and tawny--i think only because you used them on bobette's coffin, yes?

and the pillow shad made is GREAT.

Rebecca said...

Yes, Olivia, it is like a museum! So many fun things.

Ann said...

I didn't know Bobette did modeling? It fits, it fits.