Sunday, October 17, 2010


 When we arrived at JFK, we took the Air Train to the Jamaica St. stop, then bought a week pass to the NYC Subway. $27 each. For a week! Such a bargain! You can go as often as you want, where ever you want, whatever your wants and desires dictate. It's faster than walking, which we did a lot of, and definitely faster AND cheaper than by TAXI. PLUS you get subway musicians that serenade you on guitars, Ecuadorean string instruments, Korean Kyagum, accordion, violin and of course voice. DOUBLE PLUS: you get SUBWAY MOSAICS! Hats off to NYC Subways! They are cleaner than ever before, and next to no graffiti these days (except moustaches on the people featured in advertisements on the station walls. (But Seoul subways are still cleaner, newer, faster, and cooler and more crowded)

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judy said...

That is so cool! I would love to see those someday. Thank you so much for sharing.