Saturday, October 16, 2010

New York, New York!

 This was our bank in Korea, and low and behold, they have a branch in NYC.

 Times Square time.

 On one of our multiple visits to Sullivan Street Bakery, a giant truck was out front that had a big blue tube hooked to the front of the bakery. Unlike the Chinese restaurant we ate in, it wasn't removing gallons of used cooking oil. It was pumping flour into the bakery!

The Flatiron Building is one of my favorites.
 My co-horts in Yew Nork.
 Anyone for a big game of "Button, Button"?
 The Dills in the Garment District.
 Trying on shoes in Camper. The light shade is about 5 feet wide!
 Wildlife of Manhattan.
 This is the front window of All Saints Co. A clothing store that originated in England. They sell primarily black and gray clothes.
 This one is for you, Ann.
 This is for you, Frister and Rossman.

 Can you find the men on the scaffold?


k a t y said...

It was a pleasure being a cohort. Let's do it again!

Ann said...

Love the sewing machine!

They PUMP flour into their bakery? Now that is awesome.

Still so jealous of such a fun time. Glad you got to go!