Friday, March 6, 2009


GARLIC is good. It's aromatic scent flavors a variety of dishes here in Korea
and throughout the world.
Yesterday during the Sister's Luncheon, the old men of the mission went with the President to a nearby restaurant and had Shabu-shabu. It starts with a stainless steel pot at each place setting. Each diner has his own built in hotplate which is turned on to get the water boiling. Then a plate of exotic greens which included a variety of lettuce leaves, mustard greens, kale, sesame leaves, and a myriad of leaves that I didn't recognize. You take a leaf, and a thinly sliced piece of raw beef and place it into the boiling water. The beef is so thin it cooks in 10 seconds. You pluck the beef and leaf out with your chopsticks and dip it into the flavored soy sauce and enjoy. After the leaves are gone you add the fresh noodles, some kimchi, some raw garlic and salt to the remaining boiling water and make your own noodle soup. I must have added too much garlic because my companion commented on
MY AROMA as we visited that night. She advised me to watch my garlic and kimchi consumption from here on out!


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...
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Ann said...

Wow! That's a lot of garlic.

Beautiful flowers. I put the pink poppy as my desktop background.

Katy said...

My friend told me to use garlic oil to heal earaches for my kids. Her husband chews raw garlic when he's sick. But, you do want to keep your companion happy, right?