Saturday, March 7, 2009

Seoul Temple and Seoul Friends

A series of arches flank the sides of the Seoul Temple.
The curves of the arches repeat the curve of the roof tiles. The stone is indigenous grey granite quarried here in Korea.

The charcoal roof
tiles with a floral motif (lotus flower?)
on each end compliments the granite walls.We spent Saturday
morning here with the Seoul Military District members.

Elder Leulua'i and
Elder Cooper had an investigator scheduled to come to dinner tonight. They canceled. They got someone else. They canceled. Then
Su Jin called them. She came to dinner. During dinner we told her we ate meat sparingly,
and didn't drink alcohol or coffee. She asked why. We told her to be healthy. She said, "I'm going to stop drinking coffee."
James came with Elder Glines and Elder Walters last night.
He is married and has a 4 year old son. He was helping us with our Korean. He is teaching English to his 4 year old. He says the Korean word and then the English word. He is a tax collector here in Seoul.
He drives a one person car. There are only 10 cars like it in Korea. There is only one Korea!


Ann said...

Beautiful temple.
Beautiful gospel.
Beautiful people.

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

love these close-ups of the temple. so gorgeous.