Monday, October 18, 2010


 Why do I love this big, stinkin' city? It's V-I-S-U-A-L! Everywhere I look there is something to make you stop and look, and then look again. Interesting people, intriguing art, incredulous street stuff. Like the fake guy falling out a second story window.

 Downstairs from BLUE SMOKE for barbecue, is JAZZ STANDARD. A venue that is dedicated to Jazz. Jacob had been there before. It was a trio--piano, bass, and percussion. Very cool music. Cool coasters (for drinks, but all we got was ice water) We shared the dessert plate--key lime tart, chocolate cake, and 3 others that I can't remember. We listened til 11.
Then they quit for a break to return for the late set.

 Rebecca and Katy's favorite stop was HABU. A Japanese fiber store. They had little netted bags made from the fiber of the kudzu vine. Made in Laos. From Japan came narrow rolls of what looked like paper, but were made from linen. I'm sad I didn't buy the bag of silkworm cocoons that were from Madagascar(?) and were flaxen color instead of the normal white.
 MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art looking down.
 MOMA, looking across.
 Zig-Zag skyline.

 While there we stayed  on 23rd St., in a 5 flights walk-up, fondly known as the tiny house. Jacob was in a private apt. with a psychologist who rents out a spare room on Air B&B, on the upper East side. And Katy and Ryan were at the OMNI Hotel in the 50s off 5th. So most mornings we converged on 47th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.  It took us 45 minutes via subway and walking to get there. But it WAS WORTH IT! Ah, the breads, the cold, yes cold! pizzas. And oh! the chocolate brownies in a
little short, wide cupcake paper. And I won't even mention the Stacchiata d'uvo (please don't check for spelling. It was flatbread with tiny champagne grapes and fennel seeds. )Rebecca and I gained a total of 9 pounds while in the big apple).

Didn't see any real ones.

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The expression on his face doesn't really match the circumstance.

there's always fun eye candy in NYC!