Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hirshhorn Museum & Lunch

Conversing in a downpour
Blue monochrome painting by Yves Klein
Andy Warhol
This is in focus.
Rebecca and an optical illusion in perspective.
Sol LeWitt
Francis Bacon
Alexander Calder
Edward Hopper
An hour later the sun is out, still conversing.
Claes Oldenburg. Does anyone know what a typewriter eraser is? This is a very large typewriter eraser.
Ben's Chili Bowl, since 1958, has one of the 10 best hot dogs in America, according to Parade Magazine. We used Ann and Brendan's GPS and found it on "U" street in Washington, D.C. They had a sign behind the counter that said, "The following are the only people that eat free at Ben's Chili Bowl: Bill Cosby, the Obamas. That's it. No exceptions."
We sat at the counter. 2 chili dogs, one with onions, one without. A large fry and 2 ice waters.
It was good. Oh, and chips came with the chili dogs.


k a t y said...

Always love Calder. Fun.

olivia said...

You are making my mouth water!

And my art appetite has grown too... thank you for providing a way for us to experience it WITH you!