Thursday, June 3, 2010

Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery & Museum of American Art

Housed in the same building is the Portrait Gallery and the Museum of American Art. They each get three floors to display phenomenal works of art.  I want to get back to painting. This portrait of Joseph Smith was painted in 1971. I thought it had been painted during his lifetime.

Portrait of Red Cloud.

Bust of Andrew Jackson.

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I.

What does it say? (Actual license plates)

Self-portrait by Max Beckman.

Portrait of LL Cool J (on loan from Cool J himself).

Painting by Maynard Dixon.

Love the painting, love the frame.

The Death of Cleopatra

Sculpture from Puerto Rico that I found intriguing.

Painting by Thomas Hart Benton

Painting by Robert Indiana


judy said...

So cool. Thanks for sharing. And yes, you need to get back to painting!

Jessica said...

One of my all time favorite museums!