Saturday, January 7, 2012

We Were Racing Alongside The Camels!

 Brendon and Ann took us to the camel races on the outskirts of Doha, Qatar. AND WE RACED RIGHT ALONG SIDE THEM! Look closely and on the backs of each camels is a tiny jockey robot. The cars (almost all, if not all Toyota Land Cruisers) that are driving alongside them contain the camels owners who each have a remote control that they use to have the tiny robots whip the camels to hurry their long legs along. Sounds cruel, but much better than the children they used to buy until 2005 to be the tiny jockeys.
 Shot from our car as we were driving alongside the camels racing on the sandy race track.

 Note the white, plastic whip attached to the robot on the back of this camel (who was dead last in the race).  The cars are on both sides of the track.

 After the race we got up close and personal with the camels and their trainers.

 The race started at 2:00pm Saturday afternoon. And about 15 minutes later there was another race.
 No this camel isn't drinking milk. They foam at the mouth and their lower lip flaps as they gallump along.

 Ann tells me that a camel can kick in any direction.  I kept my distance!

 They rub the fur from their knees and stomach from sitting on the ground.
 Moms and baby camels.
Qatar countryside.


Judy said...

You just took "camels are funny looking and awkward" to a new, freakin' hilarious level. Great pictures!

Ben said...

robot jockeys with whips? What it the world? Crazy stuff.