Monday, January 9, 2012

Al Thaqab, Al Zubara and A Deserted Fishing Village

 On our way to Al Thaqab we found a deserted fishing village complete with a mosque. It was on the Western coast of Qatar with the Persian Gulf lapping at the sandy/rocky beach.

 I climbed to the top of the minaret for a panoramic view.
 My beloved with the Persian Gulf in the background.

 Looking out the minaret's window.

 Minaret's stairs.

Sea fauna plated with sand

 The Al Thaqab Fort.

 Clark and Grampa.

 Ann documenting the site.

 Brendon and the apple of his eye.

 To get to our destinations today we off-roaded in the Joneses Honda Pilot. Punctured tires a possibility. Oh, but so worth it! Kudos to Brendon for finding these obscure bits of history (no signs, no roads, no directions)

 The Al Zubara Fort is under restoration.

Black pigeon taking flight .

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