Monday, February 7, 2011

He Plays with Dolls

Actually I make them. This one is a commission for Lark. It is a double portrait of two of her grand daughters. One is a dark haired beauty and the other is ivory skinned and blonde. It is a contemporary folk art soft sculpture version of the old fashioned topsy turvy dolls--two dolls in one. It measures 36 inches from head to head and 56 inches from hands to hands(feet). It is all sewn by hand. The body is ramie, a natural cloth made from the stems of thistle plants. The faces are embroidered with silk thread and also painted with water color pencils. With the exception of the skirts, the fabric are all samples from Dongdaemun, South Korea. Lark also collaborated with two tatting samples that are sewn on each torso.


k a t y said...

Hooray, they're finished! Great job, dad. Two lucky girls.

Ann said...

They're fabulous! Lark will love 'em!

olivia said...

Maya and Elise will love them (it?) too!