Tuesday, January 12, 2010

32 Degrees of Separation

32 Years ago I cut the cord hooking you to your mother. You have been an independent soul ever since. You moved into an apartment with your BFF, Kimberly, the last month of high school. You went to Ireland by yourself and sold produce under the pseudonym, Chelsea Clinton. You were a missionary in Russia and fought off muggers and dodged a van trying to run over you and your companion. You and Katy headed to Nantucket and cleaned rooms at a B&B. You lived an independent life.
And then you met someone you could depend on. Craig. He took you to New Orleans, Phoenix, and now Durham. Together you have created 4 dependents that call you Mother, Mom, Mommy, Mama and probably a few other names that don't begin with "M".
You have embraced the independence and now the dependence on you with enthusiasm and panache. I have loved being a part of all those 32 years.
Happy Birthday dear Jordan!
Love you lots!


Jordan said...

Thank you, Dad. Love being your daughter.

Rebecca said...

Mucho love to the birthday girl.