Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sightseeing with the Kids

Bongeunsa Buddhist temple detail

Weaving "bugcatchers" around the tree trunks. (We saw this intriguing practice last winter. The insect lay their eggs in the straw and then it is burned in the Spring)

Going in circles.

Ben & Olivia are in the circle of love at Gangnam

Reflections of the family

Circling the building

Brushing up in Insadong

This is the former Buddhist monk that now operates a vegetarian restaurant in Insadong. My favorite is the crispy kelp sprinkled with sugar.

Inside Sanchon, the vegetarian restaurant.

Persimmon still life

Resin Buddha's hands

You park too long in Seoul and this is what happens


Ann said...

Lucky kids.

olivia said...

O darn, I never tried a persimmon!