Monday, November 9, 2009

Dinner & Family Home Evening with the Seniors

Thai Coconut Cream Squash Soup with Pepitas
or Navy Bean with bacon.
Cranberry Walnut or Cheese bread
plus Mandarin ice and Pecan shortbread
and "Well-being" Chocolate covered Mandarin sections.

The Wrights, the Picketts, the Burtons, and the Knudsens (We missed the Bancrofts who are in the U.S. attending a funeral for their brother-in-law). We each shared a favorite scripture that has colored our mission experience here in Korea, and enjoyed each other's company and spirit! We had fun!


Jordan said...

The hue of your tie is not lost on me. (Nor the soup). Yum.

k a t y said...

Will you make those soups for my birthday? Wait, do you still do that?

Ann said...

I noticed your tie matched, too.