Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It all starts with brine soaked cabbage...

Tatiana is our friend from Uzbekistan who volunteers to
prepare and give kimchee to the poor.

That's not blood on Elder Folsom's mask. It's a mild chile paste that is put between each of the cabbage leaves.

Elder Romero and Bessey showing their kimchi skills.

Elder Jackson and Elder Mills modeling their complimentary
aprons from the service project.

Sister Ho and Elder Kappas up to their rubber gloves in chile paste.

Sister Lee, Sister Ho and Elder Musso working hard.

Sister Alsbury, Sister Bergeson and Sister Ho are masked, gloved and aproned for the task at hand.

Sister Alsbury joined by about a 1000 other volunteers Tuesday morning in Mokdong.

Elder Lufkin, Elder Kim and Elder Rigby are happy to give a hand.

Elder Lufkin ready to sample his culinary skills as Elder Booth eyes the scene with shock.
Elder Houston sleeping on the job.

Elder Brazier's nose has escaped!

Who are those masked missionaries?

Special Sauce!

The KimChi Queens


k a t y said...

Today, I'm thankful I'm not a poor Korean.

Fun pics.

AnnMarie said...

I heard about you all doing this last year from Sister Marsden, and I wished I could have done it, too! I looks like so much fun, I bet you guys had a blast. :)

Ann said...