Friday, June 12, 2009


The Mission Olympics at Olympic Park was AMAZING! President and Sister Burton and the AP's, Elder White and Elder Hymas, and the Office Missionaries, Elder Klein and Elder Jo outdid themselves in organizing and orchestrating the events. We had a 5K race,(I "ran") a 40 legged race, a Choco-Pie eating contest (with someone else's hands feeding the participants) a frozen white shirt contest, where you had to break away the ice and then put the shirt on and button it, a spin 10 times, run and eat a funyion hanging from a string, run and stick your face in a bowl of flour and find a piece of candy relay, there was a blow the pingpong ball, a water pass,
a balloon toss, a blind obstacle race, and many more. Following was a combined Zone Conference with an Olympic theme that was also amazing.
Lunch was Subway sandwiches and Root Beer (a rarity in Korea).
There were examples of athletes that could have won the 5K that came in last because they were helping their companion finish the race. It was a great day.


AnnMarie said...

Wowzers! That looks like it was an incredibly fun event! And I bet Sister Marsden was very excited to see you guys again -- I know she really misses you. :) Thanks for all the pictures!

Katherine said...

Brother Knudsen-
I stumbled upon your blogsite a while back and have enjoyed your photos of Korea. My daughter, Sister Catie Bergeson, is in several of your pictures of the Mission Olympics. I am THRILLED to see her! I miss her so much and she has only sent ONE photo of her time in Korea! I can't thank you enough for these interesting posts and photos!!
Katherine Grimm, Sandy, UT