Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Cultural Night With Sang Eui

Sang Eui treated us to an evening of Korean culture. We started with Fish stew. A delicious spicy broth with a fish similar to cod, quartered and cooked at the table.
Did I mentioned he also invited Elder Murphy, Elder Booth, Elder Nordfelt, Elder Glines and 5 of his friends from his church?
In addition to the fish there were tofu, green onions, fish intestines, and chile powder added to the mix.
Side dishes of rice, kimchi, greens, and pickled radish were also served.
The elders goaded the old guy to try the intestines. "Tastes like ramen!" they said. Actually it did-- soft ramen.
This beatiful woman had a voice to match. She sang PonSori, a traditional Korean solo. She has been studying it for 20 years and is soon to receive her masters in it. She was accompanied by a drummer playing a wooden sided drum.

Elder Booth and the soloist, who is a friend of Sang Eui.
Sang Eui congratulating his friend after her performance.
The performance was before an intimate audience of about 50. The soloist sang non-stop for an hour and a half. It was amazing. After the show we went to a French Glace and had sorbet--Grenadine, lemon, grain, strawberry, chocolate, cherry, and a few others. All twelve of us shared Korean style.
My favorite was the grenadine.


Jordan said...

Will you cook Korean for us when you get home?!

Ann said...

I would like to hear her too.

Jessica said...

Holy hot pots! Glad the night ended with sorbet!