Monday, November 17, 2008

Plan for the Week

Our schedule this week (thus far)
Sunday: Church, lunch with Temple Missionaries (we brought Spring rolls)
Dinner for Elders Jo & Haviland and their investigator, Ee Sang Su.
Monday: Check apartment of Incheon Zone leaders Seeley and Carter, and Elder Murphy and Kim.
Dinner for Elder Grange & Turley and their investigator tonight.
Tuesday: District meeting. Sister Knudsen
gives spiritual thought. Elder Knudsen- how to be a good example out in public.
Wednesday- work in the Temple (50 Seoul Mission missionaries coming)
Apartment English class, High Council meeting.
Thursday- work in Temple with 2 Seoul West Mission Zones coming.
Friday- P-day maybe?
Saturday- work in Temple (Elder Oaks with 50 people from Asia Area coming)

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York and Cassie said...

I miss the missionary life. I'm jealous!