Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our First Member Dinner Appointment

The Brian Lee family and the Kim Jung Won family invited us over for dinner Sunday night. It was a feast! They started with an appetizer of Mah or fried yams. It was a white yam, slightly crispy with a tempura batter. Served with Japanese Plum drink. Then we were served grilled pork with rice, bean and chile paste wrapped in lettuce leaves or big catnip leaves, kimchee, and soup with bokchoy and beef. Dessert was fresh pineapple, clementines, and dried persimmon. Char mo koh sim nee dah! I ate well.
Elder Openshaw, Elder Ostler and Elder Knudsen
Dishing up the soup.
Grilling the pork. Sahm gyup sahr.
Frying up the mah (white yams).
Kim's 11 year old daughter and Lee's 4 year old son.
Batter-dipped fried yams.


Brian Lee said...

Elder Knudsen
we had a good time together.
Also, we had a great conversation with brother Kim's family and other missinay. we share personal experience of life and the Gospel.
we really apprciate your serving as a missionary and hope you have wonderful time in Korea.

Thank you

Kind & regards

Brian Lee

Ann said...

Looks wonderful!

Katy said...

Very fun!