Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lace Fence

This is one of the designs of the people that Jacob is interning with over in Rotterdam. He is having a dream-like experience. Seeing all the famous designs in person that he has only read about, then being able to meet the people that designed them and find out how it was done.
He has been applying Swavorski crystals on steel mesh ribbons getting ready for a photo shoot in Paris. His next project was finish-sanding the Cinderella table, a limited run of 20 tables selling for 70,000. each (one of which is in the Musuem of Modern Art) His bosses had never met a Mormon before so they quizzed him for an hour the first day. His boss loaned him a bicycle plus Jacob lives just a mile from work. He is having way too much fun in the picture perfect internship of his life!

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Katy said...

Wow, it does sound dreamy! And they're lucky to have him!