Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bird Brain Conundrum

My latest painting for the Nesting Instincts show which opens in Springdale, Utah, August 13, 2007. 16x20" Oil on canvas.


Jordan said...

The infamous painting the instigated the fall! Worth it? I don't know, it's a pretty nice painting. I like it. And, how is the artist faring?

Kurt said...

Well, today was the first day I tried jogging, and amazingly I could do it for a little while running up from the MTC past the Temple, walked for a while and then jogging up around the white condos to gramma's house and stopping to talk with Catherine Taylor. So I am on the mend... My lungs are fine, the ribs still hurt.
Thanks for asking.

Katy said...

Great painting. You should post prices too.

How did the painting play a part in your fall?

Kurt said...

I had a glass of ice water in one hand and some painting supplies in the other as I was descending the staircase--getting ready to paint some more on this painting.

Judy said...

Hey, I love this painting. The color is amazing. Sometimes you have to take a tumble for the sake of art. And Katy was right. You need to post prices.

Joseph Harmon said...

I too love this painting. If I had a job and/or money, I would pay millions for it because that's what it's worth.

I tried to call you from Cusco Peru last week to get some advice on art. Now I'm home in the USA and will stop by to visit some time.