Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mountain of Curry

 The Qatari flag is graphically uber cool.

 Cool sculpture that flames at night (used for the Asian Games and other assorted sports gatherings)

 You've heard of little Lulu, well, this is big Lulu.  Huge selection of produce including fresh lichee, pointed cabbage, dragonfruit, red guava, tamarind pods, fresh tumeric, and run of the mill greens as well.

 Those are Arabic numerals with the translation below (also called Arabic numerals). The 9 and 1 look similar in both.

 What will you Realize in 2012?

 Building in Education City.

 Shopping cart out in the parking lot of the Giant store. I'd hate to have this cart be a runaway and crash into my car.

 Many places in Doha have canopies to cover the cars from the hot, hot, sun.

 We all dressed without help (with the exception of Clark) and Mary Deane took the photo.

 Ann and Clark down one of the many narrow alleys in a Souq near downtown Doha.

More of the Souq with the Faran (Islamic Cultural Center) in the background. You know you're not in North Carolina anymore when 3 men pass by dressed in white from head to toe and the man in the middle is carrying a shrouded falcon...

 We're staying at this gated compound (looks deserted doesn't it?).

 We could have gone here on our date for a special occasion...

 Instead we came here.

 BIG bowl of spices.

 Mountain of curry.

 We found some giant pita bread and we didn't eat it day of, so I snipped it up and split it in half and sprinkled it with olive oil, zatar (a mix of thyme, salt and other yummy spices) and they added our latest purchase--pink sumac powder.  Then stuck it in Ann's convection oven for a few minutes to crisp them. SO GOOD!
 The sumac powder.

 Ann made a yummy vegetarian curry for dinner.

Dinner in Doha (Brendon is bathing the boy).


Ann said...

So fun to have you here!!

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm always surprised by what beautiful art and architecture is where I least expect it.