Sunday, October 16, 2011

Falling for New York

 We went to New York the first week of October to meet up with our son, Jacob and his BFF, Krisanne. We had a few days with them and then a few with just the two of us. We walked past this marquee......

 I love the Book of Mormon too. But I think we're talking about different
 things here....

 Our favorite eldest son and his BFF, and my BFF! in front of the our favorite bakery, Sullivan Street. I think we only ate there 3, maybe 4 times this trip.

                                Andy Warhol spilled his smoothie

 ABC Cafe still life with an active kitchen life behind.

 A table still life in Tiffany's. Yes! Those are real flowers!

 Looking down on 5th Avenue from an upper floor of Tiffanys.

 Nice place to rest your tired feet, courtesy of Tiffanys.

                                     The boys at Nike Town

 We are sad they have closed the American Folk Art Museum next to the MOMA. It was one of our favorite museums.  Their annex is now their museum.  It is next door to the LDS Temple on Broadway, across from Lincoln Center. They had a fun antique quilt exhibit.

 While in NYC, Krisanne interviewed the Art Education people at 4 or 5 museums. She does the art education at BYU MOA.

 We stayed at the Muirheads home. They were too kind to let us takeover their place. It's close to Columbus Circle, Central Park, and lots of other fun stuff.
 Subway art behind glass.  It's all ceramic tile.

 Can you find my Little Cupcake?

 A very small cemetary with a large population of squirrels in Manhattan.

 We go to New York for the Food! (and the museums, and the visual stimulation, and the inspiration and the creative energy.  These three were an afternoon snack at Donut Plant. From l. to r.- Creme Brulee, Raspberry (real raspberries from the farmer's market, and Pistachio. Two words: SO GOOD!

                                      Donut Plant's window seat.

 Hampton Curry is our latest favorite. An Indian fast food place that serve these incredible Dosas. Then you can choose a chutney to accompany your wrap. We got two cilantros and a peanut and a mango. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

 Right next to the 9/11 Memorial was the Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

 The new World Trade Center building going up.
 Behind the small red and white crane in the foreground is the 9/11 Memorial with the water fall dropping down into the footprint of one of the Twin Towers. You had to have tickets to get close to it.

 A Florist at work in the W Hotel across from the 9/11 site. It's a permanent vase configuration on a wall in the upper lobby.

 The ceiling in the W Hotel.

We always see somebody famous walking the streets of New York. This trip was no exception.  A block from the Muirheads there is a movie theatre and one night they were setting up to film there. I asked someone what they were filming. "30 Rock", she said.  She had us cross the street because the crew was blocking the sidewalk.  So we crossed, then crossed back to get to the Muirheads and Rebecca and Tina Fey had a close encounter on the sidewalk outside her trailer.


Krisanne said...

It was so great to spend a few days with you two in NYC! I love your photos! I am (secretly) jealous that your trip included a brush with Tina Fey ( I was reading her book while in NYC).

Ann said...

Man, that makes me want to go to NYC, especially with the two biggest experts. Fun!

Ann said...

And those quilts are great!

k a t y said...

I HRART NY! Fun pics. Always something fun to see and eat.

olivia said...

so fun (yet a bit envy-inducing) to travel virtually with you!

Judy said...

Wow.I love my (pretend) trips to NY with you two.