Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Craig!

 Rebecca made these two beauties in cast iron skillets. No kneading, no less!

 Craig opening his loot.

 Sarah and Eli lounging after a delicious dinner of cold cucumber gazpacho with grated frozen cantalope, flounder and zukes cooked in parchment, fresh bread with fresh strawberry jam, and lemon curd and berry creampuffs washed down with Antartica Guarana (Craig's Brazilian fav)
 Sarah modeling one of Rebecca's new star necklaces.
 Jordan: ditto.
 Avery Rapunzel letting her hair twine down (she's on the roof of the well pump)
Craig modeling his parent's Dickies overall gift and holding their new Moran Chicken that will lay olive colored eggs. (The amazing Mr. Fox got the other 6)  Happy Birthday farmer Craig! This dude loves you!

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Jessica said...

What a fun party! I love those star necklaces Rebecca. So fun! I might just have to order one. :)