Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

 Hope your Easter was as happy as ours. Church was wonderful. Reminding us why we really celebrate. One speaker suggested we read the "Easter story" each year, the way we read the "Christmas story", to remind us and the kids that it's about the resurrection and atonement of the Savior and not about candy, bunnies and such.
Russ and Vhari Sterwart McBeth and their two cute daughters joined us along with Ben, Olivia and Cohen. Then Jordan, Craig and kids made a surprise visit on their way home from the Smokies.  It was great to gather, visit and eat: Honey glazed ham with Rebecca's tender and light as a cloud homemade rolls with cherry preserves.  Accompanied by strawberries, asparagus and beets from the farmer's market.
Ben and Olivia brought yummy rice noodles with cukes, ginger, soy sauce and jalapenos. I made blueberry ice cream in my favorite new tool, a Vita-mix. Just add frozen wild blueberries (from Costco), a can of frozen coconut milk, and a little sugar and turn it on. Instant soft-serve with none of the nasty additives. (I would recommend putting the coconut milk in a zip lock bag before freezing. That way it'll be easier to blend.)

When we moved in to our townhouse, there weren't any flowers in the yard. I'm working to rectify that travesty. Here's what's blooming now. (Nothing like instant blooms courtesy of the local big box stores.

 I lied. The azalea bushes were here...

My favorites are the star-gazer-type lilies. Not only are the blooms glorious, but the scent is sent from heaven. You can smell them from the street. Ahhhhh.

Today I'm planting our tomatoes, flat-leaved parsley and some day lilies that I picked up at the annual Raleigh Garden Club sale.


Ann said...

You've always been a master at making a house a home.

Miss Gabe said...

"I still hope they call you on a mission" to Utah!! I'll never stop crossing my fingers for's getting awful crampy. Happy Easter to my favorite Kurt and Becky.