Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Memories of Sri Lanka

We really couldn't afford it. We were newly married, sort of, (we already had Ashley and Jordan) but we went to see Rebecca's parents who were missionaries in Sri Lanka, the land of serendipity. We loved touring the country with them: the open markets, the tea and cinnamon plantations,
the gemstone dealers, and the artisans. Guni was their cook. Mary Deane let her do the shopping because she didn't want to see the sides of beef hanging in the open air with shrouds of flies covering them.
They got the church officially recognized, and got some brochures translated into Tamil and Sinhalese. Harold Glen joined the Rotary club and charmed the business men of Colombo, the capital.

Rebecca has created these Moonstone stars memorializing our Sri Lankan visit.
You can purchase them here:

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