Saturday, January 29, 2011

Profile in Courage

I didn't know Ann was courageous until she got married. No, Brendon wasn't a scary person, just the opposite. He is perfect for Ann. And before that she was brave to serve a mission in Ecuador with rabid dogs, mean pigs, and not the best of living conditions.  But her courage became really evident when she had children. She has become a "mama grizzley" in the very best sense of the term. She knows her children. Knows them better than the professional doctors that at first just brushed off her concerns about Mary Deane. She knew to keep going to different physicians until one took her seriously. Until Mary Deane was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Then, Ann's courage was taken to the next level in dealing with this life altering condition. It's a terminal disease. Ann and Brendon will outlive their daughter. Unless there is a cure discovered. That takes Courage!  Courage to not wallow in pity. Courage to spend hours every day in the medical procedures to facilitate MaryDeane's well-being. And then Ann and Brendon had courage to have another child, knowing full well he could have CF as well. He doesn't, but they didn't know that, but determined to have another child regardless of the health of the child.
So Ann, my courageous daughter, H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y!
I love you! I love your faith! I love your COURAGE!


Rebecca said...

Happy birthday courageous Ann!

Ann said...

You made me cry. Thank you, Dad. I love you!