Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 Clark Vaughn Jones newest member of the extended family (two weeks old!)
 Olivia selected and hand stamped the scripture theme for the Christmas Eve dinner.

 Ivy and Gramma Rebecca
 Our two color-full cousins- Azure and Hazel
 Seth and Divine--two of the oldest cousins.
 Krisanne, Clover, Claudette and Clark in close quarters
 Call them Farolitas or Luminarias. A Knudsen tradition since Albuquerque.
 Party hats for all from the poppers just popped.
 The Kid's table is always much more fun--and messy!

 Live Nativity with Pearl as Mary

 Lucy and Olive are Wise Women
 Mary and her baby Jesus played by Clark

 Congregational singing
 Ryan documenting Ann directing

 Adoration of the new born
 Avery and Hazel twirling
 Lucy and Seth singing

 Pearl Singing, Gramma playing, Olive dancing
 Seth the magician with his beautiful assistant, Craig
 Divine playing the recorder with her nose AND a broken arm!
 Olivia pregnant performing puppetry
 New Jammies for Gramma and Grampa and all the grandkids!

WORN OUT! A big thanks to the Mangums for hosting and Rebecca for planning, programming, preparing and perpetuating the people of the Knudsen Family Christmas 2010! Thank you one and all for your efforts in being here and being part of it all!

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