Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mount Vernon Vistas

Situated on the Potomac  in Virginia with Maryland on the other side of the river, George Washington inherited it from his father. He was 4th generation Virginian. He never left the United States.

The house is made from yellow pine, but it's carved and beveled to resemble
 stone. They are painting it and while the paint is still wet, they toss on some sand to make it look like sandstone.

Here you can see the original wood coated in paint and sand.

Our traveling companions were the Jones. Ann was a trooper in her 8th month condition

Washington had a gold leafed dove with olive branch made to top his home.

 Mary Deane hiked down to where the slaves and Martha and George were buried, close to the wharf.
Autumn shiners.


Brookeanne said...

My apologies I never got back in touch to relay my appreciation for your feedback! Since e-mailing, our son has really taken off with an interest in reading, but is still enamored with his drawing. After you e-mailed me I went shopping with him and let him pick out his own professional drawing pad and some oil pastels. We went on a date and just spent some time together talking about the things he loved to draw. Thanks for inspiring me to do that! Anyway, we have found out this weekend that we are expecting #4... and are feeling so blessed. I love seeing the closeness of your family and hope that we can continue to offer that to our children as they get older.
Thank you again!
Brookeanne Walters

gammy said...

What fun! You are traveling with lovely companions and the pictures are so beautiful. I do miss the great array of fall leaves, but not the cold.

Jessica said...

Thank you for Maeve's beautiful star! What a fun package to receive and all the little details were such a joy. When are we ever going to meet up in Virginia?