Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The North Carolina State Fair

 Of course! What else would you expect in North Carolina?

 This was something new. Children in hamster exercise balls. They would inflate them with air and the children could stay in until their oxygen supply was gone.

 We found these two wandering around by the deep-fried Oreo booth.

 Swan pond.

 Thanksgiving dinner plans?

 These two were my favorites.
 This sheep wanted to get up close and personal with Rebecca
 Ben thought that when the sheep baaaa-ed, it sounded like men doing bad imitations of baa-ing sheep.
 Sweet porcine dreams

 We heard that animal prints were big this year.

 Babies are cute, no matter the breed.
 This could squash you.

 You read right. 211.1 pounds!
 North Carolina apples galore
 Just a few of the deep-fried entertainments available.

The NC State Fair had beautiful people like these two, in attendance, plus a fireworks display that was as big as the Stadium of Fire (almost).

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Ann said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE state fairs!

Did it make you miss your bed head chickens?