Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can you say decoupage?

 Decoupage (pronounced day-co-pahge) is the process of applying an image to the surface of a hard object. Rebecca figured we could do this with glass discs and fun papers and even fabric and embroidery. The image above is paper.
 This one is a hand-colored embroidered flower, as is the one below.

 This indigo blue image is from a vintage Korean fabric called ramie. It is made from the stems of a thistle. It is very strong, stronger than linen.
 We bought the entire roll. It is only 14 inches wide, because it is woven on narrow looms.
This ruby red star has a satin polka dot center. the adhesive used to apply the fabric or paper to the glass makes a raised glass-like finish.


Jessica said...

I LOVE these new stars you are making! Especially the blue with blue and white polka dots. If I had some extra money I would buy all three of those. So beautiful!

Ann said...

Such a fun, new addition to star making! You're gonna make millions.

Ben said...

what will they (you) think of next?!

Ben said...

what will they (you) think of next?!

k a t y said...

the orange.

the orange is not just beautiful, it's magnificent!