Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Penland School of Craft

Near Asheville, North Carolina up in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a very cool school. No permanent faculty. 1 to 8 week courses in ceramics, weaving, glass blowing, wood carving, letterpress, jewelry making, etc.
Below are photos of the "campus" and surrounds.
The new printmaking studio.
The glassmaking kiln.
Getting ready to snip molten glass off the pole.
We couldn't go in and interupt classes, but we could peak through the doors and windows.
Inside the printmaking studio.
We certainly think so.
A wall collaboration by a ceramics class.
Down the road from Penland.


Ann said...

It looks really neat. How do you become a student?

Diane said...

Look who is getting mention on Nie Nie's blog! It look like you guys are back from the mission and I guess all I need to do it read your blog to catch up! I remember your Christmas card said you'd be moving back to NC after your mission. My how times flies as it looks like you're there! I'd love to catch up with you and Becky, but do you really not have a phone?! ha