Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Mary Deane Fan Club

Mary Deane twirlin' in her tutu.

Aunt Karlie and Aunt Katie cuddling with their one and only neice.

Her parents think she's pretty special too.

And of course gramma and grampa Jones and these grandparents can't get enough of her and her enthusiasm for life!
The Jones family were gathered for their son's/brother's Trevor's wedding in the Washington D.C. temple on Saturday. When Mary Deane heard she was going to the temple, she squealed with delight, "temple! Temple! TEMPLE!

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Anonymous said...

Kurt, I love all of these photos. They are great. I do just have to correct your Mary Deane quote about the temple though. She actually says "tempo, tempo, tempo." ;) Doesn't she?! Oh family is so much fun and such a blessing to have. It was so good to be with you guys. Hugs, Tina