Monday, June 7, 2010

Mary Deane & Her Meds

These are Mary Deane's medications that don't have to be refrigerated.

Some of her medication is given through nebulizing. It's a machine that turns the medication into a mist so she can breathe it into her lungs.
There are two types of medication that are administered this way.

Morning and night. And sometimes more. Mary Deane takes  is given medication to help her combat Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that affects her lungs and her ability to absorb and digest her food. Some of the meds help her breathe easier, some her help absorb the fat in her diet. Another procedure that she receives twice a day is pounding on her chest, her back and under her arms.  It loosens the mucus that builds up in her lungs. Watching Ann and Brendon give her all these treatments leaves me awed. Their patience in being persistent. Mary Deane's patience. Their dedication in the drudgery. Their consistency in the constancy.
Then eating. Mary Deane needs a high fat, high salt diet! Part of CF. The rest of us would think we'd gone to heaven to eat all the ice cream and potato chips our little fat stomachs desire. Another medication that she has to have as a regular part of her meals is an enzyme that helps her absorb that fat. They mix it into the "cream on the top" yogurt. And warn Mary Deane not to bite the little time capsules. Then she needs to eat or the enzymes will eat the lining of her stomach. Stressful?! YES! But they do this everyday, twice a day, or more if need be.  And Mary Deane is HAPPY and GREGARIOUS.
Gramma Rebecca thinks she's going to be a diplomat when she grows up. She already is. Yesterday at church we were outside with Mary Deane waiting for her parents to come. Two women came walking up the sidewalk. When they were still 30 feet away, Mary Deane looked at them and yelled "HIGHEE!"(say it with Sauthewn ahksent) When they got closer she said, "Hellow!" and when they walked by she waved and said, "See Yah!" All at the top of her lungs.

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judy said...

What a sweet baby and family. Such patience, tenderness and faith.