Thursday, June 24, 2010

Duck Donuts and Seagulls Snatching

Jordan took us to Duck Donuts for breakfast. Hot cake donuts that are dipped in your choice of frostings and finished off with nuts or sprinkles or coconut. They were Good!

Next it was Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. The tallest brick lighthouse ever!

Then we and the seagulls waited an hour for the ferry to take us to Ocracoke Island. It was pretty boring until we decided to feed them.

Mind you we did this while we were sitting in the car.
Anyone know the name of this variety of seagull?
Hurrah! We get on the ferry. This is one coming back.
We came home worn out, sunburned and sandy, but happy for the trip to the ocean. Rebecca and I frolicked in the Atlantic waves, saw some jellyfish and some weird little shellfish that buried themselves in the sand after every wave washed over them.
Then we drove home, tubbed, fed and bedded the kids and then had a pasta primavera on the porch with Nag's Head bridge as a backdrop.
Thanks Jordan and Craig! Our Outer Banks vacation was courtesy of Craig who is moonlighting at an Outer Banks Emergency Room which provides him with a 3 bedroom condo in Pirate's Cove.


Brenda said...

Looks like some fun adventures you are up to. We sure miss you here, but are so happy you're back with family. Love you!

Anonymous said...

How fun, as for the seagull, could it be the Jonathan Livingston type?....heeheeeheee, couldn't resist that one. LOL, Tina Jones