Saturday, June 5, 2010

Declaration of Independence

We saw the real thing AND The Constitution AND the Bill of Rights this morning. AND it was a private tour. It was us, our tour guide, his wife and the guards in the Rotunda of the National Archives. Our guide is the deputy assistant to the National Archivist, (Brendon has connections) so we got in a half hour before it opened and he told us the secrets (74 feet to the top of the rotunda ceiling, 10 BILLION artifacts!) He also showed us a letter that Fidel Castro wrote to the President of the United States, requesting a 10 dollar bill when he was 10 years old.  If you have every written a letter to the President, the National Archives has it. Are you impressed? We were!

Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian?

In the sculpture garden across the street.

You've heard of Silverleaf Maple. Well, this is silver trunk. Actually stainless steel and cement.

Roy Lichtenstein House

Louise Bourgeois Spider.

Ann and Brendon took us to their favorite Washington restaurant, Zaytinya. Mediterranean! DELICIOUS!
Dessert was Turkish Delight with walnut ice cream and honey gelee.


judy said...

Corinthian. Loved the photos. I had never seen the folk art exhibit. Really cool.

Jordan said...

We have one of those "silver trees" outside the NCMA in Raleigh.