Wednesday, April 14, 2010


She traveled four and a half hours to come and say goodbye to us. She brought us 2 photo albums filled with memories we share with her. She gave us ebony wood chopsticks to insure longevity. She gave us coasters depicting traditional Korean activities. She gave us a personalized handkerchief with the Korean flag, Her name, her daughter's, Cindy and Carol, "Thank You" and "Kahm Sahm Nee Dah" (in Korean not Romanized). She gave us framed photos of friends and family. 
But above all, she gave herself. She was baptized January 17, 2009.
She received her endowments in the Seoul Temple January 20, 2010.
She has loved another dozen or so into the church in her ward during the past dozen months.
The highest show of respect in Korea is for one to bow. For a child to show respect and honor to her parents, she will kneel and bow before her parents. Before she left, Grace had us sit on the couch, knelt down before us and bowed her head to the floor. We cried.
She then traveled four and a half hours home, by train, by bus, by walking.
We said goodbye today.


Ann said...

This made me cry. What an amazing woman.

olivia said...

I'm crying too! Goodbye Grace.

Mrs. Woodbury said...

Thank you for sharing that! I am sure that was an amazing summary of your missionary service. For my part, I wish to honor you, too, for all you have done for our missionary. I appreciate your kindness and friendship to Elder Woodbury more than words can say. Plus, your blog was beautiful!