Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tables and Eggs

We are thinking about getting two of these 8 foot tables when we get home,
because we gave away our 300 year old 14 foot table before we came to Korea. What do you think?

Before we came to Korea we had about 20 chickens. They provided us
with really fresh eggs. White, brown and even pale green egg shells were the norm. Here in Seoul they have a variety of eggs too. But it's the inside not the
out, that has variety. There are omega-3 eggs, sulphur eggs, garlic eggs,
organic eggs, fertilized eggs, and many others that don't have English translations.


Jordan said...

I like the table and the chick inn. We want to get some chicks this spring.

k a t y said...

Just think! You wouldn't even need half a dozen little kids to move it across the room! Ryan and I want to get two of these one day.

Ann said...

Those wheels would be very convenient!

judy said...

Love it! You could also put them with the long sides together to make a square and have a huge Scum tournament.