Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aaron and Brenda and kids at the Sindorim Subway Station after Elder Oaks'
Fireside. So fun to have them living in Korea!

The Saints waiting for Elder Oaks' fireside to begin.

Roylene and Andy and the BanChu at our favorite Kimbop. So fun to have them here for a week!


k a t y said...

How fun to have Brenda and Aaron there!

Ann said...

You should feel right at home with all the people you see from home!

I loved the photo of all the saints--a miracle!

AnnMarie said...

Elder Oaks came again??? Wow, Korea's getting a lot of love from the Apostles these last couple of years! Four visits last year, maybe they'll top that this year. :)

Jordan said...

You guys look cold.

Fun to see Brenda and family!

Brenda said...

I am still on a high from Elder Oaks visit. That was so fun to see you guys at the subway. I'll have to tell you of our adventure we had on the way back home sometime. Let's just say it was 10:30pm when we arrived and the kids were asleep within minutes. Crazy! Love you two!

Charlotte said...

So fun to see Brenda and Aaron with you. It helps me feel that they're not so far removed from home. You've kept a fantastic photographic journal. What a treasure they, your pictures, and YOU are. Love,