Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Transfers

Elder Bessey has new glasses!

Sister Knudsen, Sister Park (who was a missionary on Temple Square and served here one transfer and is going home) and Sister Lee and Sister Lee.
These two Sister's mothers served as companions too!

President Burton waving goodbye to the missionaries.


Jeff and Mandy said...

Hello Korea Knudsens! I just stumbled onto your blog and have enjoyed browsing through it very much. I served in the Seoul West Mission back in 96-98. I recognized "brother" Jensen from a previous post. Of course he was "elder" to me... My wife and I are coming back sometime in the next three weeks. We are coming to pick up our adopted son and are looking forward to seeing Korea very much. Do you know many ward members from Pyung-tek, Gwa-chun, or Bundang? I would love to track down some old friends and find out how involved with the church they still may be. My email address is and my name is Jeff Peterson.


k a t y said...

I love President Burton's two-handed wave.