Thursday, January 14, 2010


Elder Fertig, Elly (Pak Chong Eun), Elder Skousen, and Kang Choon Gee who was baptized a couple of months ago.
Elly knows what she wants. She moved from Korea to Virginia when she was 12. Learned English watching TV and listening in school. She cooked for her family who ran a cabinet refinishing business. She returned to Korea about a year and a half ago and is earning money by tutoring in English so she can attend a university majoring in Foreign Diplomacy. Her parents didn't want her to, but she was following the Spirit. She met the missionaries in the metro and she will be baptized this Saturday at noon. She is full of faith! And receives answers to all her prayers.


Ann said...

That's exciting!

Elly said...

hello elder Knudsen! i moved back to korea a year and a half ago! haha thanks for coming to my baptism today! and i really thank sister Knudsen for encouraging me too!