Thursday, December 3, 2009

Morning Walk in Buchun

We walked through an outdoor market on our way back from visiting Elder Verhagen and Elder Romero. (Their apartment is small but clean.)
Below are shots of shops along the way.
Did somebody say shoes?

The mandarins are ripe, sweety and juicy. 3000W a basket

She's quick on her feet!

Chestnuts ready to roast on an open fire.

Dried fish of varying size from teeny to tiny to shrimpy.

How did the chicken cross the road?
Stumps me.

I can't contain myself looking at all these pots and pans.

Blanket statement.

Elder Verhagen, Elder Romero, their roadside couch and map of Buchun.

Click on the movies below for more Buchun fun.

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Liz Canaan Roberts said...

like the mae-ee-ku-up (makeup) video on the right.
and the chicken feet, of