Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Night

Cory, the amazing young man holding the Book of Mormon is investigating the church. His best friends, left and right are recent converts. They are 17 years old (19 in Korean age). Elder Fertig and Elder Kappas are the amazing missionaries teaching Cory.


Rebecca said...

Bro Knudsen, What it the difference in Korean age and age as we know it? I have never heard of such a thing...Thanks!! I love reading all about your mission and adventures in Korea.
Lots of Love,
Rebecca Goodwin-McConnell

Kurt Knudsen said...

Koreans begin counting the age of their child in the womb. And then it is also based upon what time of year they are born during the Lunar Calendar, so they can be one or two years older than what the Western calendar indicates. Their birthday also changes from year to year.