Thursday, September 17, 2009

Transfers: 17 September

7:00 am Thursday morning, in the midst of the Sindorim station rush hour to catch a subway to work, there is a mass of white shirts and colorful ties. Some got up at 5:00 am to arrive in time, to meet their new companion for the next 6 weeks. Others are headed to the mission home to meet someone fresh off the plane from the MTC in Provo. Elder White, our A.P. and Sister Gubler (President Burton wants her to complain "just once" before she goes home), are the only two that will be flying home Friday night. Sister Knudsen and I get to go on temporary splits with them for the day. Before we go, we pass out butter pecan shortbread--"the best part of transfers", said one elder.


k a t y said...

I love how everywhere you go, you make traditions. those young missionaries are blessed to be serving with you.

AnnMarie said...

Your cookies ARE the best part of transfers! I certainly miss them. And it's so crazy how each time these posts roll around, I recognize fewer and fewer of those white shirts.