Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Elder Wormell is going home. Elder Seo will be the new District Leader in Kimpo. Elder Caldwell and Elder Turley will stay together but will be in ShiHeung District. The only missionaries staying are Sister Knudsen and her companion.


Ann said...

It's hard to say goodbye.

diedre said...

hi kurt:
this is diedre and lois writing to you. we're learning about her email and she wants to say hi. we missed you at our 4th of july but pulled it off.
we have a question. the question is is do you remember the metal portable clothes drying rack that fae had and maybe gave you one? it's an "umbrella/telescoping" style that metal arms come out of the pole. it has a tri-pod base and the whole thing folds up and is secured with a metal cuff. lois has one and i want one. have you seen them and do you know if they're being manufactured currently? we're thinking it would be a good product to produce if not available. know anything? hope all is well. thanks a bunch! diedre and lois
p.s. lois had one cataract removed and another in 3 weeks. sans glasses soon.

k a t y said...

Good posture, dad.