Thursday, August 6, 2009


Elder Folsom photographing with choking hazard (c.c.cookie)
Sister Ho speaking to Elder Rigby (same dongi)
Elder Wormell heading home to Arizona

Elder Jo being transferred and Elder Ostler heading to SLC

Elder Kim heading home and Elder Seo going to be new DL.

A moment of introspection.

Elder Moore, our fearless ZL heading home.

Elder Verhagen, Elder Mills and Elder Egg.

The Knudsens and a good Egg.

Elder Kim and Elder Hunt.

Sister Lee and Sister Choi being transferred.
Sister Jo and Sister Ho with a "bamboo wife". You hug it while sleeping during the hot, humid summer nights and it helps keep you cool.

Breakfast at Mc's after the transfer with some of the Elders returning to the states including Elder Terry and Elder Jensen.


k a t y said...

What a beautiful site, all those stripling warriors!

Ann said...

Yes indeed!

Can I have a cookie, please?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe that all the missionaries I served with are slowly coming home; pretty soon there won't be anyone I know left in the mission! Thanks for the pictures. :) I always enjoy them.